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Guo Fu Loyalty Rewards

Guo Fu started a loyalty VIP programme in 2006 and a loyalty rewards (point) programme in 2014. Both programmes were merged and named Guo Fu Rewards' Membership in 2014.

**Invitation to our Guo Fu Rewards' Membership**

New member's promotion: New member will get a free 50 points (one time) upon registration. The rewards' membership is free for anyone who wishes to be our Guo Fu Rewards' member. You may approach our cashier or sign up online for the rewards' membership registration.


* NOTICE: The member points’ redemption and/or VIP discount are not allowed on Chinese New Year’s Eve till first 15 days of Chinese New Year *
* 注意:农历新年除夕至农历新年首十五天不可兑换会员积分和/或使用贵宾卡VIP折扣 *

$1 spent/消费 = 1 point/分

(The points are non-expiry / 积分不会过期)

50 points/分
Redeem 1 soft drink (below $3) / 换取任选一罐3元以下的软饮料

100 points/分
Redeem any single item below $10 (excluding drinks) / 换取任选一份10元以下的菜品或锅底

400 points/分
Redeem any single item or hotpot set meal below $30 (excluding drinks) / 换取任选一份30元以下的火锅套餐,菜品或锅底

500 points/分
Redeem 1 adult hotpot buffet / 换取单点火锅自助,免单一个人

1000 points/分
Redeem 1 lifetime VIP card (^^10% off for VIP cardholder) / 换取一张永久VIP会员卡(^^VIP卡持卡人可享受10%折扣)
VIP Entitlement: VIP cardholders can enjoy 1 free buffet on their birthday month / VIP持卡人生日当月可享1份免费自助餐

^^ 10% off hotpot buffet and a la carte items excluding set meals, drinks & soups. VIP discount is not valid with other discounts, promotions, vouchers, and/or privileges. Guo Fu Pte. Ltd. reserves the rights to make changes to the VIP discount and Terms & Conditions without prior notice. / VIP会员可享受火锅自助与单点菜品的九折优惠但不含酒水,锅底与套餐。不与其他优惠,促销和/或优惠券一起使用。国府保留更改该折扣和条款的权利,恕不另行通知。


One Rewards’ member is allowed to accumulate and/or redeem points for per receipt.
Only one reward is allowed to be redeemed per receipt.
The member must personally redeem the reward.
Newly accumulated points are allowed to be redeemed on the next visit.


Spilt the bill is not allowed and may be disqualified the Rewards’ member privileges.
Newly joined Rewards’ member is not allowed to redeem the points on the same day that he/she joined.
Rewards and/or points are not allowed to be exchanged for cash, non-transferable and/or used in conjunction with other Rewards’ member‘s points.
Rewards’ member privileges are not allowed to be used in conjunction with any other privileges except for Guo Fu's VIP Membership Card privileges.

Guo Fu Pte. Ltd. reserves the rights to make changes to the Guo Fu Rewards’ Membership and/or Terms & Conditions without prior notice.






* Please note that the Guo Fu Rewards’ Membership is powered by Dinlr. Guo Fu Pte. Ltd. and Dinlr respect your privacy and use your contact just to provide useful information that you are interested in. Due to the large membership base, Guo Fu will update our latest changes and promotion through our official Facebook business page.

* 请注意,这项会员奖励优惠是由Dinlr供电的。Guo Fu Pte. Ltd. 与 Dinlr 尊重您的隐私和使用您的联系只是提供您感兴趣的有用信息。由于会员库庞大,国府将通过我们的[官方Facebook业务页面](更新我们的最新变化和促销活动。

Data Protection Notice for Customers:
By using Guo Fu's online services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Data Protection Notice* and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by Guo Fu Pte. Ltd. and the third-party vendors that Guo Fu Pte. Ltd. engaged for the purposes set out in the Notice.*
Data Protection Notice PDF Link:

Updated on: 01/01/2024

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